"Just call me B."

Raised by NY. Trained by MGSA/Shakespeare's Globe. Initiated by Tribeca's The Flea.


Barron B. Bass has been a young leading renaissance man since "the bug" hit him in high school.

After two premieres, a regional tour, and a national commercial, B. began building his

production company, B3KET Legendary, with partner and prolific independent artist, Napoleon Da Legend.

B3KET's mission is to provide inspiration, exceed expectations, and "put the love back into short form content".

"THP" (The Happy Place), "The Alternative Black Guy Show", & "Black Privilege 4" all show off these ideals.

Most recently, B3KET hosted Reebok's FIRST Black History Month event, released visuals for "Condolences" off NDL's EP with DJ Doom, and went into pre-production for the Saint Seiya Video Series (in conjunction with Napoleon's soon to be released project).