Voice Over Actor, Producer, Content Creator.

Barron B. Bass (BBass) is a graduate of Rutgers MGSA, Shakespeare's Globe, and The Flea (The Bats).


As a life-long vocalist and fan of cartoons, the transition into voice over felt natural for Barron. About two weeks after graduating, B. voiced his first McDonalds commercial. Since then, he's gone on to have a greatly varied career, voicing commercials, documentaries, various characters in video games, and a few characters in animated series/podcasts. His most notable recent appearances are in Red Dead Redemption II's online play and the upcoming Richard Pryor documentary, “Pryor Convictions” (ABC).


When not working in voice over, B. is probably working on creating content, from music (as BBass) to sketch comedy. Most recently, B. began building his production company, B3KET Legendary, with fellow artist/rapper Napoleon Da Legend. B3KET's mission is to do more with less, facilitate quality collaborations, and provide inspiration to all, with an emphasis on narrative and community.